July 2, 2020

AI chips – Thematic Research Market overview and report

AI chips – Thematic Research Market overview and report


It’s a time of AI chips for a new generation of silicon. Over five decades, Moores law has held sway in the chip industry. Since the 1970s the performance capabilities of microprocessors and other silicon chips has roughly doubled every two years.

That era is now over. Transistors are now so tightly packed onto chips that they are barely a couple of atoms apart, and the amount of power generated within a square millimeter of silicon now produces more heat than it is possible to efficiently dissipate. The entire chip industry is changing direction. Abandoning the single-minded, double-everything approach, chip designs are becoming more sophisticated and complex. We are entering a new era of microprocessor design which will lead to new chip architectures, new classes of chips, new business models, new alliances, new materials, and radical decisions about who does what in terms of design and manufacture.

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– The report provides an overview of the global AI chips market.

– It identifies the key trends impacting the growth of the sector.

– The report provides a comprehensive industry analysis, outlining the key growth areas and upcoming opportunities.

– It identifies the best-positioned players in the AI chips industry, across all segments of the value chain.

– The report also includes a timeline charting the development of AI chips.

Reasons to buy:

– This report analyzes the changes that are already underway in the global semiconductor industry and identifies the companies that are likely to dominate this rapidly-evolving market.

– We take a five-year view and anticipate much turmoil breaking out in the $500bn chip sector within two to three years.

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