June 3, 2020

Precious Metals and Diamond Mining in Canada to 2023

Precious Metals and Diamond Mining in Canada to 2023 comprehensively covers Canadian reserves of precious metals (gold, silver, and platinum) and diamond; historic and forecast production of precious metals and diamonds and factors affecting demand, with profiles of major the precious metals and diamond producing companies. Details of all major and developing mines are also provided, including mine type, stage, reserves and production.

– The report contains an overview of the Canadian precious metal (gold, silver and platinum) and diamond mining industry together with the key factors affecting the industry and demand for precious metals. It also provides information about reserves, reserves by country, historic and forecast production, and details of all developing and active mines and projects.

Reasons to buy
– Assess trends in gold, silver, platinum, and diamond production in Canada
– Identify the largest precious metals and diamond projects, their stages, sizes and development status
– Understand the market drivers for precious metals and the countrys mining regulatory frameworks
– Track each of the major mining companies and their activities

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