July 4, 2020

Future forecast into the Power Domain

The whole of 2019 does show landmark access in the energy & utility industry.It did heighten a national conversation in the area of resilience. Further, it also brought a natural gas capacity to the domain grid and enabled generation since the year 2013. Energy market analysis further gives a boosted energy storage in wholesale power markets.

The question being asked is what the future of 2019 is held in store.

Energy industry target market does have what we can largely expect in the energy transition from the current year. This can range from a continual shift to a cheap and green generation mix. This further goes on grid modernization and distributed resource integration.

Renewable energy has been increasingly competitive with fossil fuels acting. Various distributed energy is piling up within the current economic and hence changing the grid. Climate change has been giving a new threat to power systems and many regulatory models.

Further, with the energy and utilities industry outlooks having a different opinion, the reshaping of the electric industry remain multi-faced. They are being stormed with competing for interest and narratives which work in shaping the direction of the transition.

The current year has been subjected to a lot of fuel security and grid resilience. These debates continue to raise the intensity of discussion on the retirement of coal and nuclear plants.

A number of large generators in the state of Texas are being pushed into the market for a variety of rule changes. This can boost payments in the plants, and the company would further need to file long term capacity plans. A number of large companies have warned stakeholders until December to further invalidate the energy market rules. A consensus has to reach in the energy domain by the next two years.

These debates are making round forward at a pace for Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. It has been more friendly to coal and nuclear interests. In December, it has been confirmed for a nuclear bailout by FERC by the coming two years.


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