February 23, 2020

Robotics in Defense and Homeland Security

Robotics in Defense and Security

Robotics in Defense and Homeland Security – Defense Market Research


In the recent technology domain, Robotics systems have been continuously integrating to force structures of militaries globally. The market although grows slower than other markets in an exponential way, the introduction has not been an easy process.
Several unmanned aerial vehicles have been in the spearhead which majorly opened a lot of technology domains. These have been combated and proven to be useful for many countries on a global spree.
Further, they had been offering the necessary learning for engineers in developing the range of systems and technologies. Along with this, it is also for users to test and implement new concepts of operations.

Robotics systems are continuously being integrated into the force structures of militaries around the world. Although their market is now growing quickly, at times exponentially, their introduction has not been an easy process. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) were the spearhead that opened the way for the technology to be tested, combat-proven and ultimately adopted by many countries worldwide. They offered the necessary learning curve for engineers to develop the range of systems and technologies included in them, and for users to test and implement new concepts of operations. With such a strong installed knowledge base, research organizations and institutions, both government and private, moved on to develop similar systems for the maritime and land environments.

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