June 2, 2020

Is IoT shaping the future of the Consumer Electronics Industry?

Consumer Electronics Industry

IoT, A.I, & virtual reality, a perfect idea in the lives of a growing population.
These days the consumer electronics industry trends are constantly upgrading the nature of living in every individual’s life. There has been an increase in Televisions, cars, which by far has benefited the consumer electronics (CE) industry. When citing the global electronics industry overview it is largely driven by the consumers’ desire for new and improved machines.

The current outlook on the consumer electronics grasps a wide view of Smart TVs, smart homes and Smartphone’s; these are many of the processes that fit into the Internet of Things, IoT. As a result, the whole of the consumer electronics industry is driven into the preferences of consumers. The products while serving a great deal into people’s imagination also are affordable. They even prove a chance of being a relevant solution for day to day problems involving manual operations.

On the overall, the consumer electronics space is not a smooth ride. As for a successful product in the market, there have to be numerous prototypes which are failures. On the other side, the industry does face a lot of challenges for getting any new product launched. As the technology of the new product can be varied, it can be adopted by a different company altogether.

A change in the AI domain.
AI has been going on an impressive state globally. In sectors like education, healthcare, telecommunications, transportation and so on, the technology has been getting a green signal. Major technology providers are thus promoting change in the AI system. This largely integrates to analytics, business processes, and AI-powered interfaces. The interfaces further provided by AI are immersive, continual and conversational in nature.

CE industry challenge.
With an end to the smartphone revolution, global demand for smartphones has taken a place. In the current decade of high growths, the smartphone has penetrated every sector as the cost of getting one is lowered. On a worldwide scale, penetration is the highest in India followed by China. Interestingly, the study says that consumers are in the content of the existing phones and quite reluctant in switching to different models.


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