May 31, 2020

LOréal Makeup Genius App: Success Case Study


Success Case Study: LOréal Makeup Genius App – How LOréals strategy of personalizing the consumption experience empowers digital consumers


LOréal Makeup Genius app became a hit among Chinese consumers, garnering millions of downloads shortly after its launch. The app played a significant role in driving demand for LOréal in the Chinese market. LOréal’s app is a trendsetter, paving the way for similar apps in other cosmetic sectors such as hair care and skincare.

In 2014, French cosmetic company, LOréal launched the Makeup Genius app, which uses augmented reality technology to allow users to “virtually” apply LOréal make-up products to a digital image of themselves. This allows users to see how different shades and mixes would look on them. Once consumers make a choice, the app directs them to online marketplaces to complete the purchase. LOréal Makeup Genius app also recommends to consumers products that can suit their needs and personalities.


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– The LOréal Makeup Genius app leverages the high penetration of smartphones, and the growing “selfie culture”, and increasing affinity for online shopping among young Chinese women, who represent a lucrative market for international cosmetics products.
– LOréal’s app addressed a major issue with online shopping for make-up, which is that Chinese women consumers are hesitant to purchase cosmetics online as they are unable to try them on as they do in brick-and-mortar stores. The app also augments the time-saving and convenience factor of online shopping.
– The app collects user data to offer a personalized shopping experience to consumers by means of suggesting products that match their tastes, and sending alerts about new product launches.
– International cosmetics brands can use such innovative technologies in order to enhance the online shopping experience, and elevate consumer engagement with the brand.

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