November 21, 2019

eSports and eGaming Ecosystem Market Research Report – Telecom Industry – Market Analysis, Size, Trends, and Forecast

eGaming and eSport Ecosystem markets are rapidly growing around the world, driven by consumer demand, new distribution strategies and technological innovation. The gaming industry is transforming from a product-oriented model into a gaming-as-a-service model. 5G, cloud gaming, and AR/VR are leading the new innovation cycles, while free-to-play pricing strategies and in-app monetization are transforming the economics of gaming.

Decoding the eGaming and eSports Ecosystem for Telecoms a new Global Outlook Report by provides an executive-level overview of the global eGaming and eSports market. It delivers deep qualitative insights into the eGaming and eSports industry, eGaming and eSports value chain and ecosystem dynamics. It also analyzes key trends in the eGaming industry and provides insights into telco eGaming monetization strategies.

Esports Market Research Report

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The report provides an in-depth analysis of the following –

– eGaming and eSports taxonomy & market context: an overview of eGaming and eSports at a global level and analysis of the eGaming and eSports value-chain and role of telcos.

– eGaming and eSports ecosystem: an overview of the main eGaming and eSports drivers and inhibitors and how these are impacting market development. This section also analyzes the telcos role within the eGaming and eSports market.

– Case studies: This section analyzes the gaming value proposition, business models and strategies of four telecom operators. It also details telcos involvement in the eSports realm.

– Key findings and recommendations: the Global Outlook Report concludes with a number of key findings and a set of recommendations for eGaming and eSport stakeholders, including telecom service providers.


– The gaming industry is moving to an as-a-service business model with in-app purchases transforming the economy of gaming.

– eGaming is becoming increasingly mobile, driven by the increased availability of high-performance devices and rollout of 5G services.

– Players across the eGaming ecosystem are popularizing eSports to seize new revenue streams.

– Telecom operators act as gatekeepers for cloud gaming and streaming services through their connectivity services.

Reasons to buy

– This Global Outlook Report provides a comprehensive examination of the eGaming and eSports value chain and business models. It helps executives fully understand the ecosystem, market dynamics, latest developments, and value chain. It helps telecom decision-makers determine key eGaming and eSports positioning strategies, formulate effective product development plans and optimize return on investments.

– Four case studies illustrate the findings of the report, providing insights around different value propositions across the world, including services, monetization approaches, and partnerships. This will help telecom executives craft adapted eGaming and eSports strategies to unlock new revenue streams.

– The report discusses concrete opportunities in the eGaming and eSports market, providing a number of actionable recommendations for eGaming and eSports ecosystem participants, including telecom service providers.

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